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What is a TheraSuit

Therasuit and Therasuit Method is a holistic approach for those with neurological disorders.  The key element is an intensive strengthening program based on each client’s needs.

Each Therasuit Method intensive strengthening program is aimed at the integration of pathological reflexes and establishing functional movement patterns.

Therasuit is a soft dynamic orthotic device that consists of a vest, shorts, leg pieces, a cap and elastic bands.

All of these pieces work together to load the entire body similar to gravity, causing a reactionary force in the muscles.  In turn this changes proprioception, reduces pathological reflexes and restores muscle synergies.

What is SpiderCage

The SpiderCage works to improve range of motion, muscle strength and joint flexibility, as well as functional skills. The cage can provide support or resistance. As a whole, the TheraSuit Method®, is a holistic approach of treatment for those with neurological disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delays, and/or Traumatic Brain Injuries.  

The key to this method is an intensive strengthening program customized for each participant based on his individual needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Specific exercises are chosen aimed at the elimination of pathological reflexes and establishing new, correct, and functional patterns of movements. This intensive program is essential to provide consistency of therapeutic intervention and increased repetition of exercises necessary for significant muscle and neurological retraining and dynamic movements.

An Intensive Program May be Perfect for you if:

  • You’re not sure what your child is capable of but you know they need more than school or home based therapies

  • You want your child to be more independent and may not have the time for continuous therapy sessions

  • You have been receiving intensive PT and already see progress toward your child’s goals

  • You are not local to our therapy clinic and want your child to be as independent as possible

If this sounds like you - KEEP READING!

So, what is it?

Our most INTENSE program where you see the most RAPID gains in progress.

It Is:

  • 3 hours/day

  • 5 days/week

  • 3-4 week period

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