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What can PT help my child with?

1. Low tone: My baby is floppy and can't hold his/her head up

2. High tone: My kid is rigid and it's hard to get them dressed

3. My kid wants carried all the time is easily tired

4. My kid is clumsy and always tripping/falling/getting hurt

5. Cerebral Palsy

6. Developmental delay: My kid isn't meeting his/her milestones

7. Tummy time: My baby won't do tummy time

8. Tortocollis: My baby is always looking the same direction

9. Plagiocephaly/brachiocephaly: My babys head is shaped funny

10. Ball skills: My kid can't dribble, throw, catch, kick a ball

11. Constipation

12. Autism

13. Toe walking

14. Genetic/chromosome Disorders

15. Downs Syndrome

16. Bike riding: My kid can't pedal or balance on a bike

17. Equipment: My kid needs a walker/wheelchair/stander

What can OT help my child with?

1. My kid is a picky eater

2. My kid can't tie shoe/button buttons/zip zippers

3. Handwriting

4. Visual motor skills

5. Brachial Plexus injuries

6. Prematurity

7. Learning challenges

8. Oral sensory

9. Fear of movement

10. Social interaction skills

11. Poor grip

12. Oral sensory

13. Inability to self calm

14. Cognitive disorders

15. Bottle/breast feeding, difficulty latching

16. Sharing/taking turns

17. Emotionally reactive

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