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Chrystal Browning

Physical Therapist

I'm so privileged to get to play for a living! I absolutely love helping kids along their life journey and learning how to interact in this world. I love being creative with families. It is amazing to watch babies learn how to lift their head, roll, crawl and become mobile. I love helping them learn to walk and play.

I'm a board certified pediatric specialist through the American Physical Therapy Association. I graduated from Idaho State University with my Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2008. I have worked in outpatient physical therapy, home health, infant and toddler school based care. I'm passionate about helping families get the equipment that is necessary to allow their child to engage in life and be an active member of their family. I'm opening All Access Therapy to allow treatment to be more fluid and family centered. I'm excited to be able to provide therapy services where they are needed the most with specialized equipment to allow kids to explore.


Chrystal Browning
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